The safeguards information system: a product of REDD

Click here to visit the SIS REDD module included in the Sistema Nacional de Información Ambiental (SINIA). There you will find detailed information on the way the country is addressing safeguards and a group of indicators that has been developed based on the strategic options and on REDD activities included in the R-PP , and the actions contained in the E-PIN 2014, both the R-PP as the ER PIN are based on the PES program of Costa Rica, a program that started in 1997 and where participation is voluntary.

As soon REDD measures and the Strategy are defined, the institution responsible for REDD in Costa Rica must meet the steps required to formalize the indicators with the CENIGA, and to enter the information from each of them.


CP 16 encourages developing country Parties to adopt the measures indicated in paragraph 70, i.e.: 

a)  Reducing emissions from deforestation; b)Reducing emissions from forest degradation; c)Conservation of forest carbon stocks; d)Sustainable management of forests; e)Enhancement of forest carbon stocks;

The idea is that country Parties provide adequate and predictable support, including financial resources and technical and technological support not only to adopt these measures but also, in accordance with national circumstances and respective capabilities, to develop the following elements:

a)  A national strategy or action plan;
b)  A national forest reference emission level and/or forest reference level or, if appropriate, as an interim measure, subnational forest reference emission levels and/or forest reference levels, in accordance with national circumstances, and with provisions contained in decision 4/CP.15, and with any further elaboration of those provisions adopted by the Conference of the Parties;
c) A robust and transparent national forest monitoring system for the monitoring and reporting of the activities referred to in paragraph 70 above, with, if appropriate, subnational monitoring and reporting as an interim measure, in accordance with national circumstances, and with the provisions contained in decision 4/CP.15, and with any further elaboration of those provisions agreed by the Conference of the Parties;
d) A system for providing information on how the safeguards are being addressed and respected.


Also COP 16 requests developing country Parties, when developing and implementing their national strategies or action plans, to ensure the full and effective participation of relevant stakeholders (indigenous peoples and local communities) and to address, among others issues:

  • the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation,
  • land tenure issues,
  • forest governance issues,
  • gender considerations and
  • the safeguards

Finally, the Convention decides that activities undertaken by Parties should be implemented in phases, for example:

  • development of national strategies or action plans,
  • development of policies and measures, and capacity-building activities,
  • implementation of national policies and measures and national strategies or action plans that could involve further capacity-building, technology development and transfer, and;
  • development of results-based measures that should be fully measured, reported and verified.
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