Progress in project implementation

See here the Costa Rica development of the Information System on REDD Safeguards in Costa Rica


February 2013 Presentation and approval of the project document (PRODOC) to the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, copy sent to the Ministry of Environment and Energy Cooperation Office.
May 2013 Official star of the Project
May-June 2013 Begins process to approach stakeholders to know their perceptions on the UNFCCC REDD safeguards.
May-December 2013 Data collection and analysis. Sources: printed and  digital documents, interviews, workshops with groups, participation in workshops, etc.
June 2013

Extensive development of the project work plan based on a review of secondary and primary information (REDD Secretariat, groups linked to the Strategy).

June 2013 Establishment of a Specialized Advisory Committee.
July 2013 Definition, by Fonafifo, of conceptual and methodological guidelines for the Project development.
July 4th, 2013 Analysis of the project document (PRODOC) and the work plan with representatives of the UN-REDD Programme and the Costa Rica REDD Secretariat.
July 5th, 2013

Presentation of the proposal to representatives of sectors involved with the design and/or implementation of REDD measures for Costa Rica, and to social groups and potential beneficiaries.

July 24, 2013

Submission of Project Proposal to the REDD+ Interagency Commission.

July 2013

Presentation of consultancy product: A detailed analysis of the context in which the information system is developed for the Convention, the implementation of the Costa Rica R-PP process and the role of different actors, as a reference point to establish the methodological approach for the System design and its implementation (available in Spanish only).

August 2013

Approval and signing of PRODOC´S Addendum No. 1. Taking into consideration the analysis of information about the context of the project, the scope and duration are modified. The UN-REDD Programme extends the budget of the project. The organizational structure is redefined and communication mechanisms between the Parties are specified.

August 2013 Participation in the Workshop on Design of REDD´s Safeguards Information Systems. Peru.
August 2013

Training address to project staff on free, prior and informed consent, ILO Convention 165. Panama.

November 2013 Presentation of consultancy product: National and international contex of the REDD Safeguards Information System, analysis of REDD (COP 16) safeguards component and sub​​-components, System scope, objectives, PLR analysis (Political, Law,Regulations), analysis of national information platforms, methodology sheets of indicators for each safeguard, identification of potential co-benefits.
November 2013 – March 2014 Validation process, dissemination and adjustment of proposed indicators.
January 15, 2014 Launching of REDD website. This site includes videos of events and issues of interest developed by the project.
January 2014

Analysis meeting on the World Bank operational safeguards and REDD safeguards of the Convention on Climate Change.

January– July 2014 Dissemination process on the development of the System, associated issues and its operation.
March 2014 Presentation of a consultancy report including an indicators base proposal developed on the analysis of the safeguards adopted by the Convention on Climate Change, the analysis of information from institutions, organizations, and social groups. It also uses existing information systems and indicators.
May-July 2014 Development of the conceptual and social framework of the System.
August-October 2014 Developmento of the first proposal of indicators for the REDD Safeguards adopted by COP 16.
October-November  2014 Socialization and communication of the System proposal
December 2014 Delivery of the System design linked with the Costa Rica National System of Environmental Information.
December 31, 2014 Completion of the project funded by the Targeted Support UN-REDD Programme.
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